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Meet the Maker

Hello! My name is Bee, and I am a 23 year old resin artist and dice maker from Texas. I have been creating dice since September of 2019, and hope to continue my passion for dice-making through your support!

The name Sugar Bee Dice comes from a mix between my love for bees and my cat, Sparta. "Sugar Bee" is a nickname that I've been calling my cat for awhile now, and since she is my biggest inspiration, she became the face of my company. She has been with me through most of my life, and I wanted to name my company after her since she is a big reason for being where I am today.

When I am not working on dice, I enjoy spending time with Sparta, playing a variety of games (Overwatch D&D 5e, and Magic the Gathering are some favorites), working at my day job, and going rollerblading at the park.

I love getting to know my supporters, so if you ever feel like sending me a message, feel free! I also have a Ko-Fi and Patreon that you can find below that helps me cover monthly costs such as website fees, shipping fees, etc.