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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy your dice?
There are a few different ways to purchase from me:

  • Regular shop updates - these occur primarily here, on my website. I try to have one every 6-8 weeks and will post the date on my Instagram a few weeks in advance so you can prepare.
  • Auctions - I do auctions every so often on the Facebook group Goblin Dice Hoard Acquisitions, as well as on my Instagram. These are always announced on my Instagram as well.

Are there other ways to support you outside of sales?
Absolutely! My Patreon and Ko-Fi are both great ways to show monthly support and/or making a one-time donation. Other ways you can support me outside of monetary donations are sharing any of my posts on Instagram, telling your friends about my company, liking/interacting with posts, and any other way you feel would help support my business.

Why is everything showing as out of stock?
Items will show as out of stock until I update the quantities at the time of sale.

Why can't I find any dice on your website?
Once a set sells, I take it off of my website to avoid listing pollution. If you don't see anything for sale, that means they are all sold out and you will have to wait until my next shop update. There is an Archive section to view past sets/items sold.

When will your shop restock?
Shop restocks are usually on weekends and are posted in Central Standard Time (CST).

Do you do commissions/trades?
Commissions and trades are currently not available.

Are your dice balanced?
The balance of my dice depends on their design. Most (if not all) are balanced enough for casual play. I do roll test them to ensure this. My more complicated designs which include lots of non-resin materials (such as flowers, clay, plants etc.) may be less balanced due to the differing weights of the included materials. Overall, my dice are just as balanced as any store-bought dice and are perfectly fine for casual play.

What are your dice made of?
Resin, as well as any other material added to certain designs (leafing, metal, flowers, and other inserts that are always identified on listings).

Can I reink your dice?
My dice are not clear coated with anything so you can easily remove the ink and reink them.

What is that flat piece with the bee on it?
It is a custom d2/coin that comes with all of my full-size sets! They are not a standard in most dice sets and are just something I love to make and include in my sets.

Where do you get your molds/can I buy your molds?
I make my molds myself with custom master dice I had 3D printed by Arcana Cast. I do not sell my molds since they are my personal font and logo design. If you're looking for master dice of your own, I highly recommend Arcana Cast, Revel Broker Productions, Outer Limits Designs, and Sollinger.

How can I make my own dice?
Tutorials are not something I offer. Some good resources I would recommend are joining the Facebook group Dice Making Discoveries to get started, as well as checking out Rybonator's Youtube tutorials.

How much do your dice cost?
Pricing varies per set depending on material costs and quality level, but current pricing averages around $130-$250 for a full sized 8-piece set, $100-$160 for a mini 8-piece set, and $30-$120 for a single D20 (standard, mini, or 45mm).  Some sets are slightly discounted, depending on the severity of the flaws or if it is a raw set. More complicated designs are priced higher, as they take a lot more time, planning, and expertise to create.

How much is shipping?
I ship via USPS for domestic (US) orders and USPS or UPS for international orders. Each package valued over $50 is insured and shipping prices vary depending on location/weight of the package. All shipping rates are calculated through Shopify to ensure you pay as little shipping as possible, with upgrades available on request.

NOTE: Shipping to Australia as well as the UK is currently available through a different method of purchase. Shipping will appear as free on my website for either of these locations - please note, shipping is NOT free, as I will reach out to you with a custom listing through Etsy to repurchase your order with shipping added (your original order will be refunded once this listing is created). Doing this allows Etsy to handle customs forms/VAT taxes (if applicable) and uses a more reliable shipping service to Australia. Please allow 2-3 business days for this refund to appear - you will have 24 hours from the time the refund reaches your account to repurchase your items through the custom listing link that will be emailed to you. If I do not hear back from you within 24 hours of your refund reaching you, items will be subject to relisting.

What is your return & exchange policy?
Since this is a small handmade shop, I am not able to accept returns or refunds. If your package arrives damaged, is lost, or if you are unhappy with your dice, please do reach out to me with any of my contact options and we can determine the best course of action.

Do you have any shipping disclaimers?
International shipping is subject to customs fees upon delivery, especially since the pandemic situation has restricted international shipping quite a bit. If you are not okay with potentially paying customs fees, I suggest you wait until a later time to purchase an item, as I cannot control these fees.

What happens if I have multiple items in my cart and one of them sells out before I can finish checking out?
If you try to purchase multiple items and one or more of them sells before you can finish checking out, the site will kick you back to the cart screen. You will then be required to do the check out process again. Unfortunately this is not something I can control.

I recommend only purchasing the one item you most want, then going back for the others if they are still there. This reduces the risk of one or more of those products selling before you've added everything and tried to check out (I will always refund double shipping costs for you if you do this, just send me a message if you do). It also helps to make an account before hand and have ALL of your payment and shipping information filled out/set to auto fill out before the time of sale.